Bridal Wreath Spiraea – Spiraea Prunifolia. Bridal Wreath Spiraea flowers are often white, but other varieties may also be pink, red, or yellow. Bridal Wreath Spiraea grows from ten feet tall to twenty feet wide. bridal wreath Spiraea thrives in moist and well-drained soils.

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The Bridalwreath Spirea has been a garden favorite for over a century. The bridal wreath is an attention grabber and it brightens up your landscape. Nature Hills Nursery has a price match guarantee on all our products and free shipping in most cases!

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Bridal wreath spirea blooms are produced on old wood from buds that developed during the previous year. To avoid minimizing the flower producing canes before they bloom, only prune bridal wreath spirea after the blooming period is finished.

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Punch List: Outdoor tree and shrub pruning – Prune spring and early summer flowering shrubs like quince, forsythia, Nanking cherry, lilac, viburnum, weigela, honeysuckle, peashrub, and bridal wreath spirea right after blooming. Sometimes these.

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The Bridal Wreath Spirea creates a cascading waterfall of white, as it blooms in June with masses of flowers so thick you can barely see the leaves. It grows and flowers well under adverse conditions. hardy even in coldest areas grows and blooms in sun or shade, in any soil, tolerates smoke, A.

Most bridal-wreath shrubs are spring bloomers with numerous tiny pink or white flowers. Also known as the Vanhoutte spirea, it grows six to eight feet tall and 10 to 12 feet in diameter. The bridal-wreath has a disnctly fountainlike growth habit, with a round top and arching branches that curve to.

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Bridal wreath definition is – a spirea (Spiraea prunifolia) widely grown for its umbels of small white flowers borne in spring.