Crassula capitella, commonly known as Crassula Campfire brings dramatic succulent foliage color to add to your landscape, then take this little darling out for a date! In the winter time, her wardrobe dons a beautiful and intense ruby-red color to its rich green interior leaves.

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Crassula capitella, is sometimes called Crassula erosula is a unique succulent plant also called Red Flames or Campfire Plant. It has bright, lime green leaves with flaming orange red tips. Sometimes the entire plant turns red.

Crassula Crassula capitella 'Campfire' – Dave's Garden – Rating Content; Positive: On Jan 23, 2015, poeciliopsis from Phoenix, AZ wrote: Central Phoenix — This is the only member of the genus Crassula that I have ever been able to get to survive the summer in my garden, including both in-ground and pots.

Crassula capitella - grow & care  (Campfire) Crazy about Crassulas! – Succulent Gardens – If an infestation becomes large, it is usually best to discard the plant. Crassula radicans ssp. pubescens. Crassula 'Springtime'. Crassula 'Campfire'. Share.

20. Crassula arborescens. 21. echeveria gibbiflora. 22. rosmarinus officinalis prostratus. 23. Carex testacea. 24. Echeveria 'Etna'. 25. Crassula 'Campfire'. 26.

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Grow gorgeous succulents indoors and out with our tips! succulent houseplants are beautiful; they’re perfect in container gardens and landscape beds, too.

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I have a Crassula Coccinea campfire that broke off at the stem. What is the best way to prepare the part that fell off for rooting. Also, I noticed this on some of the leaves.

Campfire Plant is part of the Crassula genus and its scientific name is Crassula capitella. Campfire crassula is a branching succulent with fleshy leaves that mature from bright lime green to bright red.

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Add to Cart. Echeveria 'Yamatoren' from $ 5.00 · Crassula capitella 'Campfire Succulent Plant · Crassula 'Campfire'. Quick View. Crassula 'Campfire' Sold Out.

Crassula plants are succulents that include Jade plants and many intriguing, oddly shaped specimens. Tips for growing crassula plants, indoors and out.

crassulacampfire1 416×333 – Crassula capitella 'Campfire'. A beautiful fast growing Crassula, in strong light this succulent lives up to it's name and turns an .

Crassula capitella ‘Campfire’ 1 Gallon $ 6.50 This is an fast-growing, low-branching succulent with fleshy, propeller-shaped leaves that start out bright lime-green and mature to bright red.

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