Aptly named, Don Juan is the epitome of the romantic rose with rich red sweetly fragrant flowers that are extremely full and 3-4" across. The vigorous plants grow up to 5′ wide and develop 12′ canes.

Don Juan Climbing Rose A vigorous climber with dark crimson, Hybrid Tea type flowers, which show up well against the dark foliage.

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Don Juan Climbing Rose Proven Red Climber. One of the only fragrant red climbers in the world! This beauty blooms on new and old wood, so you don’t have to worry about pruning off this year’s flowers. Its upright pillar growth makes it a skilled climber for training up trellises, arbors and pillars.

These beautiful climbing roses beautify any wall or trellis that needs a bright spot.. Don Juan Climbing Rose. $29.99 to $69.99 $39.99 to $89.97. Quick View. Unlike ivy, climbing roses are not true vines because they don’t have the ability to cling to something else for support. Provide your climbing rose with a trellis or pergola, and it.

Climbing Don Juan Rose Produces large 4" double velvety red flowers that have an intense sweet fragrance. Don Juans large and well formed flowers can even be used as cut flowers. The plants have deep, glossy green foliage and grow 8-10′ tall and 3-4′ wide.

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The aptly named ‘Don Juan’ with its rich red flowers and deep sweet fragrance is the quintessential Rose representing romance. A prodigious climber quickly growing to heights of up to 12 feet and widths of up to 5 feet, this classic cultivar features deep red semi-double blooms of 3 to 4 inches enriched with 30 to 35 velvety petals.

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How to Plant Don Juan Climbing Roses Don Juan | Climber Rose – Don Juan. Best of the fragrant dark red climbing roses. Large buds and shapely blossoms. Glossy dark green leaves. Blooms on new and old wood. warm night temperatures give the best color. Proven performer. Login to view product options. General Information.

I have had great success with growing a climbing rose named Don Juan, in Hamilton, Ontario. However, the only rose of this name that I have ever seen or read about is a beautiful red colour. This rose had a lovely scent and grew prolifically its first year.

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‘Don Juan’ _ ‘Don Juan’ is a climbing, deciduous shrub with thorny stems bearing pinnate leaves with ovate, glossy, mid- to dark green leaflets and fragrant, cupped, fully double, dark red flowers in.

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