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Elephant’s-foot (D. [or Testudinaria] elephantipes), grown in Africa, is used as a famine food.Roots of all these plants contain poisonous alkaloids that are destroyed by boiling. In addition, several steroid compounds were originally obtained from Mexican species of Dioscorea to manufacture contraceptives and medicines..

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Indigenous to South Africa, the elephant bush (Portulacaria afra), also called elephant food and miniature jade plant, gets its name not because of what it looks like but from the fact that.

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Elephant’s Food is a versatile succulent that has been known by many names around the world throughout its long reign of popularity. Originally from Africa, it is extremely drought, heat, and sun tolerant, while also accepting more moisture than our desert succulents.

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Portulacaria afra ‘Prostrate Form’ (Dwarf Elephant Food) – A low growing form of the typically upright species that grows less than 6 inches tall (usually flat to the ground) with a dense cover of arching and trailing reddish brown stems holding 1/2 long emerald green leaves.

Since 1985, the Sumatran elephant has declined by more than half. “Then we’ll restore the elephants home range with their favorite plants for shelter and food.” Samsudin and his team’s work has.

Portulacaria afra – Elephant's Food – Plant Information – Portulacaria afra (Elephant Food) – An upright growing plant (8-12 feet tall) with reddish brown stems and 1/2 inch long emerald green succulent leaves. This plant really needs drier conditions than Southern California usually has to reliably produce flowers but after a dry winter, and where plants are not irrigated, it can produce tiny pale.

Elephant food looks like Jade Plant with smaller more compact leaves. It is much more versatile, being able to withstand summer sun as well as living in shade. Trim the top to make it spread as a low shrub or ground cover. Trim the sides and it will grow upright with a lot of character. Best grown in sandy well draining soil they will thrive with minimal care.

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