Euphorbia is a very large and diverse genus of flowering plants, commonly called spurge, in the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae). "Euphorbia" is sometimes used in ordinary English to collectively refer to all members of Euphorbiaceae.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia hybrid ‘Inneuphdia’ USPP 17,567, Can 2,830. Add your review. Been buying these for 3 years now and never disappointed. They work best for me as accent plants as fillers, like baby’s breath.

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Plant Focus: Euphorbia Diamond Frost Plant pairings make your pretty poinsettias pop – Starry ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia is a popular complement to holiday poinsettias. " alt="Norman Winter " width="175" height="224" onclick="return clickedImage(this);".

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Euphorbia, Diamond Frost, 4.33 Pot. Diamond Frost might look delicate and frilly, but nothing could be further from the truth. Diamond Frost is actually pretty much tough as nails. She has performed well from North to South and coast to coast. While she does best in sun or part sun.

Euphorbia is a genus in the family Euphorbiaceae; however, not all Euphorbia are equal. Sometimes, the genes that support a plants demotion to weed status such as the ability to thrive in high heat and drought may be coaxed through hybridization to produce well-behaved, highly prized landscape plants.

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Annual – can overwinter in mild climates. In cold climates, replant in spring. Perennial – it overwinters in climates without hard frosts (0 to -10 degrees). Hot pink Coreopsis looks good with sweet alyssum and Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’, or chartreuse ‘Margarita’ sweet potato vine. Annua can.

Baby’s-Breath Euphorbia is the most often used popular common name, although more and more new varieties are going by the cultivar name, followed by Euphorbia, such as Diamond Frost Euphorbia. This trend will probably continue as more cultivars are introduced.

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Pruning. Diamond Frost grows 6 to 12 inches tall. A sprawling plant, the width can reach up to 20 inches. You don’t need to cut off spent bracts, as Diamond Frost euphorbia is self-grooming.

A tough plant covered with delicate sprays of small white bracts, Diamond Frost euphorbia (Euphorbia hypericifolia "Inneuphe") blooms year-round in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones.