A fast-growing dwarf azalea, the new Autumn Bonfire glows with numerous, true red, semi-double and single blooms in spring, summer and fall. Autumn Bonfire holds its bright green foliage year-round, and grows to an average of 3 ft. high by 3.5 ft. wide.

Azalea ‘Fashion’ is a glenn dale hybrid.glenn dale hybrids are evergreen, semi-dwarf, and have bigger and more colorful flowers than Azalea in the Southern Indian group. The Fashion Azalea has a salmon-pink colored flower that is 2 inches in diameter.

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Fashion Azalea is a nice compact evergreen azalea with salmon pink to orangish red blooms in early spring, and then again in fall. This variety is part of the Glen Dale Hybrid Series and has slightly better cold hardiness than many southern azaleas.

Learn how to grow and care for beautiful azalea. These shade-loving flowering shrubs are ideal for landscapes!

Fashion Pets. From a technical standpoint, rhododendron flowers are bell shaped and have ten or more stamens, while azalea blooms are typically funnel shaped and have five stamens.

fernleaf lavender upright yew What Yew Should Choose. With more than 400 registered cultivars to choose from, you have plenty of options when it comes to yews. Originally, there were simply different species of yews available from varying different climates and regions.How to Grow Lavender Anywhere – Gardening Tips – Lavender is a beautiful, hardy, and useful plant for many applications. From the soil. Lavandula multifida – Egyptian hybrids/fernleaf lavender.

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king sago palm Fact sheet: Sago Palm – UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County – Common Names: Sago Palm, King Sago Palm, Japanese Sago Palm Many common names for this and other cycads include the word “palm” because these plants have a superficial resemblance to palm trees. The term “sago” refers to a type of edible starch that can be extracted from these plants.

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butterfly iris Plant Profile for Iris sibirica Flight of Butterflies. – The Siberian Iris are an easy, trouble-free group, forming clumps of grassy foliage with a late spring display of butterfly-like flowers. Plants are sturdy and upright, and seldom troubled by Iris.

Fashion Azalea | Calloway's Nursery – Ornamental Features. Fashion Azalea is covered in stunning clusters of lightly-scented salmon trumpet-shaped flowers with purple spots at the ends of the branches from early to mid spring.