Pinnata Lavender is sometimes called Jagged Lavender or Fern Leaf Lavender because of its unique leaf structure. These little flower buds will grow to three feet before they unfurl their whorled flower heads into a spectacular show.

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Find help and information on Lavandula 'Spanish Eyes' lavender multifida fernleaf lavender Egyptian lavender, including varieties and pruning advice.

Fern Leaf Lavender This Lavender lovely dark blue Lavender flowers born on 6 inch stems. The foliage is soft, fuzzy, and fern like (double pinnate) in appearance hence the other name of fernleaf Lavender.

Lavandula multifida–also known as Fern Leaf Lavender, Spanish Eyes, or Spanish Lace–is a fragrant lavender plant with beautiful purple flowers. Unlike other lavenders that wither and die in heat and humidity, Fern Leaf Lavender thrive in this type of climate. Yet, the flowers are just as fragrant as other, more sensitive lavenders.

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Popular Lavender & Flower videosHow to Grow Lavender Anywhere – Gardening Tips – Lavender is a beautiful, hardy, and useful plant for many applications. From the soil. Lavandula multifida – Egyptian hybrids/fernleaf lavender.

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Lavender is a perennial in zones 4 to 8, with gray-green foliage, and a lovely fragrance. Rich in essential oils, used in baking and teas. Find out more. Lavender is a perennial in zones 4 to 8, with gray-green foliage, and a lovely fragrance. Rich in essential oils, used in baking and teas.

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Fernleaf Lavender is one of the more tender varieties of lavender, but it can be over wintered in the zone 5 climate. It is a particularly tall and elegant variety, growing up to four feet with unusual blue flowers at the tip of high stalks.

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Culinary Uses for Lavender Madeline Wajda Adams County Master Gardener. Lavender is a wonderfully fragrant woody perennial; it has over 2,500 years of recorded use as a strewing herb, a mood tonic, a fragrance, an insect repellent, and a food flavoring.

—Habitat—Lavender is a shrubby plant indigenous to the mountainous regions of the countries bordering the. Fernleaf Lavender (Lavandula multifida) Seeds

Lavender is in the genus Lavandula and is derived from the Latin root word Lavare.. It's called Fern Leaf Lavender because of its unique leaf structure. This is.