Impatiens walleriana It is a flowering herbaceous perennial plant growing to 15-60 cm (6-24 in) tall, with broad lanceolate leaves 3-12 cm long and 2-5 cm broad. Leaves are mostly alternate , although they may be opposite near the top of the plant.

Balsam impatiens (impatiens balsamina), commonly called balsam or touch-me-not, is an annual plant, not a perennial. It grows in full sun to shade, with plants in USDA zones 8 and above needing more shade.

New Guinea impatiens (I. hawker) plants have much larger single flowers. divide when you see new green growth. prune and divide perennials that bloom in late summer or fall. Examine trees and.

Impatiens, are they perennials? – Yes, impatiens could work as houseplants, but they would need more care than when grown outdoors. When the temperature reaches 75, which is a fairly normal indoor temperature, impatiens will require fairly high humidity, about 50%.

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Annuals expend a considerable amount of energy in producing. Some are sterile and do not produce seeds. Impatiens are ones.

New Guinea impatiens is a species of the vast genus impatiens, which flower in all colors (except true blue and yellow).The New Guinea impatiens was discovered on a plant hunting expedition to Southeast Asia. The growing habits of impatiens make them ideal low-maintenance plants.

Impatiens are one of the most popular bedding plants across the nation, and Florida is no exception. These cheerful, easy-to-grow annuals have bright red, orange, pink, or white flowers that attract butterflies.

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Impatiens make beautiful temporary groundcovers in shade gardens. They also can be planted among shade-loving perennials, such as hostas, to bring summer-long color to shady flower beds.

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Impatiens walleriana, commonly called impatiens or bizzy Lizzy, is the most popular annual bedding plant in the U.S. today. For easy-to-grow, non-stop flowering in shady conditions, it has no equal. It is a bushy, succulent-stemmed tender perennial that grows in a spreading mound to 6-24" tall depending on variety.