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Mountain Laurel is an evergreen shrub that grows to about 10 feet tall. In favorable locations it can form thickets. It has dark green leaves and very attractive white flowers with pick dots. Other names for the plant are Lambkill and Sheepkill result from the fact that it is poisonous.

Mountain laurel – Better Homes and Gardens – A showy shrub native to eastern North America, mountain laurel is closely related to azaleas and rhododendrons. It grows in a large, rounded mound and has dark green foliage that remains on the plant all year. In late spring, it bears clusters of flowers in white, pink, and red.

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So, the founders named the town for the mountain laurel, a type of shrub that grew wild in the area. The problem was, the mountain laurel was poisonous to livestock, so most of the plants were.

Choosing Companion Plants to Grow with Your Mountain Laurels Mountain Laurels are beautiful shrubs with pink buds and white blossoms. They grow well with rhododendrons, azaleas and other plants that need acidic, well drained soils.. Knowing the setting in which you will use the Mountain Laurel will help you decide choose its companion plants.

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If azaleas and rhododendrons grow well in the area, mountain laurel will thrive. The shrubs need moist but well-drained acidic soil. They won’t grow well in clay soil. It’s important not to give the shrubs too much fertilizer, so don’t plant them in or near lawns fed with high-nitrogen products. Care of Mountain Laurel

Texas Mountain Laurel is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with an upright form. Its blends into the landscape, but can be highlighted by planting in an area where the sun and water prevent other shrubs from thriving. This is a very low maintenance plant, and should not require much pruning.

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