We are located North of Vero Beach, Florida in Indian River County and have been growing tropical, clumping bamboo here for over 20 years. These non-invasive bamboos are a great choice for a nearly instant "tropical paradise" look in your yard.

Non-invasive Alternatives to Invasive Bamboo While invasive bamboo is a plant that gardeners should avoid, fortunately, not all bamboo is considered invasive. "Clumping" bamboo does not produce the underground runners that create rapid, spreading growth.

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Bamboo. Bamboos are very desirable garden plants. They can make large clumps that are ideal as focal points or for adding structure to borders. They can look unsightly if left to grow unhindered, and may become invasive.

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Bamboo Rediscovered : Growing and Using Non-Invasive, Clumping Bamboo Species Se See more like this. mature cold hardy ‘green hedge’ bamboo Clumping non-invasive ROOT DIVISION. $9.99. Time left 1d 17h left. 0 bids +$11.60 shipping.

Island’s Bamboo Garden is a hidden paradise centrally located in Pinellas Park, Florida. After 20 years providing quality landscaping services throughout the Tampa Bay area, Island Lawn created a six acre bamboo design center to showcase over 30 species of non-invasive clumping bamboo.

MORE Non Invasive Bamboo. Bamboo has had a bad rep. People have been afraid to use it because in the past it was credited with taking over landscapes, making neighbors angry, and being extremely difficult to eradicate.

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How to Plant a Clumping Bamboo. You may have heard that bamboo is an invasive plant that will take over your garden and eventually anger your neighbors. This need not be true for any variety of bamboo, but is especially slanderous for.

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NON-INVASIVE CLUMPING BAMBOOS | Thigpen Trail Bamboo Farm – non-invasive clumping bamboos Clumping bamboos make excellent, fast-growing, evergreen hedges or specimen plants. In Zones 8b and above, they are the fastest growing and most attractive option for an evergreen privacy screen, windbreak, or noise/dust barrier.

Invasive plant species fool you with their beautiful looks, but you’ll regret planting them. Here’s a list of plants to avoid, like bamboo species, and how to remove them.

How to Grow "Buddah Belly" Bambusa Vulgaris Bamboo - A Small Non-Invasive Variety - HD Invasive Bamboo: Rethink Planting it in Your Garden | HGTV – Bamboo, which technically is a giant grass, is one of the world’s most invasive plants. Once established, it is literally next to impossible to control.

From Our President BAMBOO Bamboo is useful. It is beautiful. It is strong and it is flexible. It has potentials far beyond property lines and control issues."

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