Oregano. Grown for its strong tasting and pungent leaves, oregano is a perennial herb that thrives in a warm, sunny position. An important herb in Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking, oregano is often used dried rather than fresh in strongly flavoured dishes in which ingredients such as chilli, garlic, tomatoes, onions, olives and wine predominate.

Flowers. Perennials. Herbs. Fruit. Heirloom. Gardening Supplies. Seed Starting. Garden Advice & How-To. Oregano is one of the best and hardiest herbs for cooking, and it has one of the strongest flavors, too. Pinch or harvest from the plants frequently to keep them bushy.

Oregano, a plant from the mint family, is a signature flavor of many Italian, Mexican, and Spanish dishes. Oregano is a hardy perennial plant that is easy to grow in the home garden. Oregano leaves are oval, dark green and in opposite pairs.

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Oregano leaves have a very strong flavor, but the flavor of the flowers is more delicate. Oils infused with oregano flowers are decorative as well as tasty. Sampling the flowers before using them gives a better idea on how much to use in each dish.

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Strong oregano aroma and flavor; great for pizza and Italian cooking. Characteristic dark green leaves with white flowers. Attracts Beneficial Insects: provides pollen and nectar for beneficial insects such as bees, hoverflies, lacewing larva, parasitic wasps, and tachinid flies.

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