Ligustrum sinense Lour., Chinese privet, small-leaved privet. Chinese privet is an evergreen to semi-deciduous shrub or small tree that can grow to 16 feet.

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A privet hedge running along a property border is a classic look. The very name seems to say "privacy," as if a line of these bushes could form the ideal screen for those seeking a more private setting. Many kinds are not especially beautiful plants when considered in isolation, but they do excel in the role of hedges.. Privet grows more quickly and can be shaped more easily than can boxwood.

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Privet refers to any of a number of shrubs or trees in the genus Ligustrum.The genus contains about 50 species native to the Old World and Australasia. Many members of the genus are grown as ornamental plants in parts of the world. Several species of privet have become a.

Well-fed, well-watered plants hold their leaves the longest. This species is a good choice for a fast-growing hedge or screen, but be aware of disadvantages: The plant has greedy roots, its seedlings come up everywhere; and once established, it is hard to eradicate. yellow-edge california privet, golden privet Aureum. Leaves have broad yellow.

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But nature, as you may have heard, abhors a vacuum, and new plants have sprung up in the easement: privet and bush honeysuckle and winter creeper and a host of other shrubs and vines. With so many of.

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Privet Hedge Renovation Help with invasive plant removal along Townsend River Walk Saturday – The invasive plants will include privet, honeysuckle, mimosa and multifloral rose. Volunteers should meet at Campground united methodist church, 7466 Tuckaleechee Pike, Townsend (corner of 321 and.

CSI with a botany degree: Plants can help solve crimes – The witnesses’ names: schefflera actinophylla, aka the common umbrella tree, and Ligustrum sinese, aka Chinese Privet, a large invasive shrub. A botanist has concluded the two plants outside accused.

Privet, with its lustrous deep-green foliage, makes a great privacy hedge or living fence. These plants can be evergreen, semi-evergreen, or deciduous depending on where you live and the variety you choose. They are easy to grow and can reach 4 to 15 feet and can spread from 4 to 8 feet.