Plant tulip bulbs in fall, let them sleep all winter and then wait for their glorious blooms to emerge in spring. To get the most out of your tulip plantings this fall, plant a combination of early blooming tulips , mid blooming tulips and late blooming tulips .

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texas sage plant The last few batches of Wink were made in Texas and the bottles filled in New Jersey. There, she tended to spearmint, lavender, lemon, thyme and a sage plant that has been in her family for four.

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sun impatiens There are many kinds of impatiens flowers. plant taxonomy classifies one of the more popular species as Impatiens walleriana, which includes the series of ‘Super Elfin’ cultivars. "Busy Lizzy" is one of the common names for this plant (the origin of which presumably lies in how "busy" this prolific bloomer is at producing blossoms), although this is a case where the scientific genus name is so.

In botany, a bulb is structurally a short stem with fleshy leaves or leaf bases that function as food storage organs during dormancy. (In gardening, plants with other kinds of storage organ are also called "ornamental bulbous plants" or just "bulbs".). A bulb’s leaf bases, also known as scales, generally do not support leaves, but contain food reserves to enable the plant to survive adverse.

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