Vinca is a tough, reliable groundcover that offers evergreen foliage and spring flowers. The most common flower color is periwinkle blue (perhaps the reason for the common name periwinkle) and they also come in white and wine purple.

Award-winning Vinca major ‘Variegata’ (Periwinkle) is an evergreen, mat-forming, subshrub or perennial with long prostrate rooting stems covered with ivory-margined, sea green leaves.

Vinca refers to several groups of plants suitable for a number of applications: Vinca minor (Common Periwinkle, Dwarf Periwinkle) and Vinca major (Big-leaf Periwinkle) both make lovely, evergreen groundcovers; Catharanthus roseus (Madagascar Periwinkle) is an upright, flowering annual perfect for beds and containers.

nellie stevens holly tree purple ice One of the finest drought-resistant ground covers available. succulent foliage reaches only 3" high and has daisy-like 2" flowers that are a wonderful shade of rosy-purple. Purple Ice Plants begin to bloom in early to mid-summer and continue to bloom all summer long! Spreads 12-15". Prefers a well-drained area and a sunny location.A fast grower, ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ holly shrub typically reaches a height of about 30 feet, spreads out about 15 feet at its base, and has a pyramidal shape (that is, it is narrower at the top). In fact, it bears a classic Christmas-tree shape. This holly bears spiny, dark green leaves and round red berries.

Vinca major, with the common names bigleaf periwinkle, large periwinkle, greater periwinkle and blue periwinkle, is a species of flowering plant in the family.

Also known as Myrtle, and an extremely popular evergreen groundcover. This selection forms a dense mat of glossy dark green leaves, studded with bright-blue flowers.

Vinca major, with the common names bigleaf periwinkle, large periwinkle, greater periwinkle and blue periwinkle, is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae, native to the western Mediterranean. Growing to 25 cm (10 in) tall and spreading indefinitely, it is an evergreen perennial, frequently used in cultivation as groundcover

Vincas Seeds. The "impatiens" for full sun. Flowers look uncannily like impatiens both individually and in the way they cover their bushy plants.

New Tattoo Vinca looks like a work of art. the Echinacea Sombrero Tres Amigos produces a deer-resistant perennial flower.

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To maintain a colorful planting this season, I suggest that you consider replace the dead vinca plants with more fungus-resistant annuals such as Zinnia, gomphrena, portulaca or blue salvia. Q: I like.

For shady areas beneath shrubs, and in other dim places, even where grass won’t grow, you can have a 12-month carpet of thick abundant, evergreen Periwinkle ground cover.

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Make the popular choice with Periwinkle groundcover. Shop Bluestone Perennials for the perfect springtime Vinca groundcover today.

How to Grow and Care for Vinca Minor – The Spruce – Vinca major is similar to Vinca minor, except that it is cold-hardy only in zones 7 to 9 and is a bit larger.But both are shade-tolerant, trailing plants with evergreen leaves and (most often) violet-blue flowers that can be used as ground covers.