The white cypress cultivar “Shiva” (Chamaecyparis thyoides “Shiva”), hardy in USDA zones 4 through 8, also does well as a hedge plant, growing eventually to around 8 feet, with little pruning needed..

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Distribution: Pacific Wax Myrtle is found along the Pacific coast from Gray’s Harbor, Washington to southern California, with an isolated population on Vancouver.

Native to the U.S., the Wax Myrtle is an evergreen with a long list of positive attributes. In short, the Wax Myrtle is deer resistant, heat and drought tolerant and.

Wax Myrtle Trees Questions & Answers | Questions 1 – 7 – Q. Wax Myrtle – Problem – 12′ shrub dying. leaves turning brown and falling off. 6 yrs. old and irrigated. Two other wax myrtles planted same. Q. What To Do For Drying Leaves On Wax Myrtle? – I planted a wax myrtle on east side of a brick wall of my house that gets a lot of. Q. Wax Myrtle – Planted 10 wax myrtles 5 years ago and they did.

Left to grow alone without supervision and tender care, wax myrtle can be a wild, unwanted plant in most gardens. Tended to each year, it becomes a nicely shaped large shrub or a sculpted small tree..

The Southern Wax Myrtle is an ornamental beauty featuring aromatic, olive green foliage and a round growth habit, so they are ideal for use as a privacy hedge. If you are looking for an attractive, care free shrub, then look no further than this North American native.

cora vinca In the garden, Cora vinca will produce huge, show-stopping flowers on glossy green foliage and these blooms will last and last. And, because Cora is a real heat-lover, it will be spectacular throughout the summer when many other annuals experience a reduction in flower size and quantity.butterfly iris Peacock Butterfly Uncorked Iris is a truly exquisite siberian iris! blooms feature shades of yellow, periwinkle, deep purple and have an overall smokey appearance to them. This upright perennial has attractive grass like foliage which looks attractive in the garden all season. Makes a great cut flower, and mixes easily into the perennial garden.

One of my all-time favorite native plants – wax myrtle – is a stunning shrub in the garden any season of the year. Wax myrtle, botanically called Morella cerifera (formerly Myrica cerifera), is a fuss.

mahonia plant Leatherleaf Mahonia – Monrovia – Leatherleaf Mahonia – Home > Plant Catalog > Leatherleaf mahonia. leatherleaf mahonia. Leatherleaf Mahonia Mahonia japonica ‘Bealei’ Item #6090 usda hardiness zone: 5 – 8. Availability BUY ONLINE. Check Selected Retailers. Add to Favorites. Add this plant to your favorite list and receive availability notifications..

wax myrtle (Myrica cerifera) MS, LS, CS, TS The Selection Terry suggested using Carolina cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana) for the screen. This shrub is perfectly content with the given growing conditions and satisfies the homeowners’ other requirements.

sweet drift rose rebloom Orchid Care Tips & Secrets You’re about to Discover. When you sign up for my Free Newsletter, you’ll receive free orchid tips, tricks & secrets from my orchid book, Orchids Made Easy, including:. Reblooming: How to get your orchid to start flowering again. After Blooming: What you MUST do immediately after blooms drop. Identify Your Orchid: So you can look up what kind of care they.The Sweet Drift Rose (Rosa ‘Meiswetdom’) is known for its abundant pale pink double flowers, this shrub blooms from early spring until your first frost. Great as a centerpiece, in a bed, or used in mass to cover a wide area.

Privacy Trees are popular among homeowners around the world. Have yours delivered from The Tree Center.

Wax myrtles: Tough, durable and at one time, a source of light – Wax myrtle is the South’s version of northern bayberry, a shrub prized by European colonists for a wide range of domestic uses. Also called southern bayberry, wax myrtle – Morella (Myrica) cerifer -.